• Design and manufacture of tubes and sub-assemblies and metal components by metal cold forming (brass, copper, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, etc.).
    • Cold forming tubes and sections in all metals and alloys
    • Assembly by soldering, welding or crimping, assembly with different components, flame welding for refrigeration components (connections, valves, check-valves, silencers, 4-way valves, dehydrators, exchangers, check-valves, etc.), electric, MIG, TIG or induction welding.
    • Cutting, press drawing for all cold-formable metals.
    • Our local network of subcontractors provides polishing, electroplating and all types of finishing work.
    • Automatic loading/unloading CNC bending machines for tubes of 5 – 88mm diameter. Forming machines from 5 to 100T, Automatic flow-rate CNC machine.
    • MIG, TIG, semi-automatic induction welding units, flame welding units.
    • 3D test bench, prototyping bench. • Helium leak detector.


has specialised teams to meet customer expectations. Co-design means features required by the customer can be quickly and efficiently integrated either from the tooling launch phase or through the creation of prototypes for validation