• Design and manufacture,in Franceand in Morocco, of sub-assemblies and metal componentsbyhot formingandmachining of non-ferrousmetals (brass, copper, aluminium, etc.).
    • Polishing, electroplating and finishing work of all kinds carried out through a network of local subcontractors.
    • Hot working of non-ferrous alloys, copper, brass and aluminium.
    • Stock removal machining on CNC transfer machines, lathes and machining centres (140−1,200 ton presses for flat and cavity die pressing, transfer machining and CNC machines).
    • Three-dimensional control.


a metals transformation company, has created specializedteamsto meet all its customers’ expectations. The co-design concept means that we can achieve the client’s target specifications quickly, right from the tooling-up and mould production phase through to producing proof-of-concept prototypes.

DECAYEUX STI has specialised its teams to meet your expectations.

The large and diverse range of technologies and plant at our disposal means that we can create turnkey solutions right from providing assistance with design up to employing the shipping method that best suits your needs. In R&D and Industrial Scaling, Logistics, Production and QSE, every area is separate and independent.