Hot-stamping (Forging) and Machining

  • Hot and cold working of non-ferrous alloys (copper, brass and aluminium).
  • Machining on CNC Transfer machines, lathes and machining centers,
  • Part finishing facility – machining, surface treatments, etc. As a result, we can produce parts that are complex but nevertheless very competitively priced (surface pickling, blasting, vibratory grinding ….),
  • We produce parts of various forms and degrees of complexity in medium and large production runs,
  • We achieve excellent mechanical characteristics: forging makes the metal’s crystalline structure finer and orients the grains along the same axis, resulting in general terms in enhanced mechanical characteristics coupled with greater fatigue resistance,
  • No cracks or other defects such as cavities, porosities and voids, meaning that the parts are completely sealed and perfectly leakproof.
MATRICAGE ligne presses