Industry makes the Future

Report in collaboration with the UIMM

Promote the value of industrial jobs to young people,

Highlight the positive aspects of the industry,

This is why UIMM HAUTS DE France has selected 8 companies, including DECAYEUX STI, to produce 8 mini SNAPCHAT-style clips for student fairs (Lille – Amiens) and for advertising this operation.

Each company had a different theme for the filming.
After an initial scouting by the communication agency “Anouslalune”, the luxury site was chosen.

What makes us different from the others: the world of luxury, fashion, design in conjunction with the designers, the appearance of the pieces and the number of women in the workshop.

On 12 December, a team of cameramen and photographers arrived.

The UIMM site for this operation should be operational by mid January.

Thank you all for your welcome during this morning and especially to Emilie and Vincent, the interviewees of the day.