Certificate ISO 9001 / 2015

To be essential for our clients in order to perpetuate & develop our jobs in France

Decayeux STI has understood the importance of quality assurance in its business relations.

Since then, it has maintained a certified and efficient management system which, over time, has integrated safety and environmental aspects.

The customer benefits from production carried out in a sustainable development philosophy, guaranteeing the continuity of its supplies at the right level of quality, at the lowest cost and at the right time.

To maintain this ideal level, Decayeux STI implements continuous improvement tools, TPM, lean manufacturing, kaizen, and remains attentive to its markets and to technological developments in compliance with the regulations in force.

DSTI’s quality policy is based on a vision that must be shared by all employees and that must guide their actions

“To be essential for our customers in order to perpetuate and develop our jobs in France”

Our commitment, your satisfaction!